Looking for the perfect venue for a seminar, training, club meeting, corporate party, or retreat? The best solution is to rent a hall with 30 seats in Yaremche!
We offer you to rent a hall of the Dovbush restaurant in Yaremche for an event, a convenient place for a training, seminar, conference, corporate party, and at the same time a place for an unforgettable vacation in the mountains in any season. We have the opportunity to hold private events for 20-30 people.
Restaurant “Dovbush” is located next to the famous “places of power”, within walking distance of the famous White Stone , Mount Makovitsa , Dovbush Rocks , a convenient rocky bank of the Prut River.
 The nature of the Carpathians, panoramic views and magnificent mountain air surround the hotel-restaurant “Dovbush” from all sides, in season we are surrounded by berry and mushroom glades, flowering mountain meadows and the wild Carpathian forest.
Scientists know that on-site training is perceived much more productively than classes in an ordinary classroom. You just have to think over the program of the event, we will help you organize the rest on the spot.
Having chosen the Dovbush restaurant hall for rent, you can not only conduct successful classes, but also provide all participants of the event with meals, accommodation and excursion services.
Combining business with pleasure: training, a seminar or a private club event and outdoor activities, without thinking about everyday moments, will help rent a hall with 30 seats in Yaremche.
For your stay during the event, we are ready to provide a 4-bed suite and four 3-bed apartments with terraces and direct views of the mountains and forest.
Large parking at the restaurant will comfortably accommodate your car or bus.
The restaurant’s facilities allow you to take and feed up to 30 participants of your event, provide coffee breaks, set meals, European breakfasts, banquets, as well as barbecue on an open fire in a wooden altanka in an open air in an informal setting. The restaurant specializes in Hutsul cuisine and open fire.
Walking in the woods and mountains in the vicinity of the restaurant will help participants to attune to classes and relax. It is pleasant to take a walk along rough terrain during breaks and breathe in the crystalline Carpathian air, which contributes to excellent well-being and fruitful mental work. What else is needed for a successful event, except for renting our cozy conference room?
The cost of renting a hall for an event is from 150 UAH \ hour, additional services, excursions, meals and accommodation – according to the price list, mountain air and walks – free of charge.
Always fresh news about us here hotel-restaurant “Dovbush” in Yaremche
In our hotel-restaurant, such events have already taken place: a car club retreat, TM presentations, yoga and psychology seminars, company retreats, various trainings, indoor retreats, new product presentations, founders’ retreats. We know what privacy is if you want to rent a hotel and restaurant just for your event.