Restaurant “Dovbush”

We are waiting for you on Liberty Avenue 2B, under the sign “Dovbush”. We are in a beautiful place, in a new Carpathian chalet. The interior of the restaurant is designed in alpine style, in the middle of the restaurant hall there is a double fireplace where you can cook meat and heat the hall at the same time, wooden chandeliers with candles, heavy oak tables inlaid with ceramics, strong oak chairs, plenty of light and beyond the windows there is a wonderful green landscape. Here you can try 4 types of live beer from Brovarni Yager: Honey, Hopmein, Wheat and IPA. Carpathian tea from herbs collected in the mountains, homemade spirits and berry liqueurs.
Feel the power of the real Carpathians. Crystal heady air, pure artesian water, fresh Carpathian products, bright fire, and a friendly atmosphere – this is the secret of Hutsul hospitality.
Dishes on an open fire from the Dovbush restaurant are chicken and pork shashlyk, steaks on the grill with mushroom sauce, wild trout on the grill, honey chicken wings, fragrant pork ribs, and grilled “Lubaski sausages”. In any weather and any season, our brazier burns brightly to warm and feed our guests.
Dine in Yaremche with authentic Hutsul dishes, we invite you to the Dovbush restaurant. Traditional Hutsul cuisine and fresh barbecue dishes with the best recipes with homemade sauces for our guests. Breakfasts, set meals, barbecue dishes, aromatic coffee and berry desserts with ice cream at reasonable prices.

Enjoy a delicious meal.
Hutsul cuisine, homemade beer and grill.

  • Hutsul cuisine.
    Constantly the menu dishes of Hutsul cuisine: banosh, borscht, bograch, Haiduk pan.

  • Grill menu.
    Dishes on the grill: steak, wings, ribs, sausages from Lubaski, grilled vegetables.

  • Gifts of the Carpathians.
    Seasonal Carpathian mushrooms and berries, berry and herbal liqueurs according to old recipes.

  • Breakfast.
    Until 12-00 homemade breakfasts in the restaurant “Dovbush” – start the day with us!

  • Homemade beer.
    Beer Yager: from hop, honey, wheat, ale. According to the old technology of natural ingredients.

  • Dessert.
    Berry desserts with ice cream, a real Hutsul strudel with apples, the best coffee.


dishes on the menu


types of beer



“We feed the body when we eat, and the soul when we feed others”
Hutsul wisdom

Thank you for your hospitality and a great vacation!
Andy, Vancouver

Thanks friends! Looking forward to seeing you next year.
Jerzy, Warsaw