Fish places in Yaremche. Where in the Carpathians to catch wild fish?

Many tourists, coming to rest in the Carpathians, think that fishing is only possible here at master’s rates, or artificial lakes. But for gambling fishermen, we know places in Yaremche where real wild trout are caught. Of course, if you want to quickly catch dinner in 5 minutes – fishing in trout farms is a great option. We can take you in a jeep to the best trout farms.

But if you want to fight wild trout in its natural habitat, we know where to catch it. Staying at the hotel “Dovbush” you will learn the secret fishing spots on wild river trout. The greatest pleasure of a fisherman is the beautiful primeval nature around, the cold mountain river with steep rapids and sly fish, which is not so easy to catch!

The cook of the restaurant “Dovbush” can cook you your trout on the grill, but if you don’t look for easy ways, we have an excellent grill in the courtyard of the hotel, where you yourself can fry the trout you caught. The collector’s instincts suggest that you try to get food and cook it yourself. Active rest in the Carpathians. We always have something to do and where to go.