Project Description

Fauna of the Carpathians

Zoo-tour. Fauna of the Carpathians. Off-road tour.

The length of the route: 17 km Time: 2 hours

You can get acquainted with the fauna of the Carpathians in the Aviary farm, where the animals are in large aviaries, and themselves come so close that you can stroke them. You will not find here especially rare animals, but you will be able to personally “communicate” with the most common inhabitants of the Carpathians, these are deer, wild boars, geese, ducks, swans, pheasants, hares and squirrels.

Not far from the captive farm there is the largest souvenir market in Yaremche, and the Probiy waterfall, an 8 meter high cascade waterfall on the Prut River, which is perfectly visible from the pedestrian bridge. The most tourist places – Yaremche city visiting card.