Project Description

Mount Makovytsia

Mount Makovytsia. Pedestrian route.

The length of the route: 14 km. Time: 5 hours

The route to the southeast of the hotel “Dovbush” to the mountain Makovitsa, 984 meters above sea level, the elevation difference on the route is 522 meters. Climb up the mountain through the picturesque spruce forest and open meadows, where the famous Alpine Carpathian cows graze and run wild herds of horses. Magnificent landscape views of the surroundings. At the foot of the mountain the Prut River flows, skirting the mountain from the south-east. On the way there are thickets of blackberries and raspberries, strawberry fields, and if you come in the berry season, you will be able to enjoy wild Carpathian berries.

On the way to the top, pastures are replaced by hayfields, hayfields – by the fir forest, the fir forest – by thickets of bushes and berries. The top of Makovytsia is not covered with forest, there stands a memorable iron cross. Makovica Mountain since old times is known for its huge energy. And now, climbing the mountain, offering a magnificent view of the Montenegrin mountain range, Hoverla, Petros, Khomyak and Dovbushanka, you will feel an unprecedented rise in strength.