Project Description

Mount Sinyachka

Mount Sinyachka. Off-road tour.

The length of the route: 29 km Time: 3 hours

A trip to Sinyachka mountain (1400 m above sea level) is an unforgettable event, as you will have to drive along mountain roads and glades, moving along the wooden walkways of the stream channel. On the way, you will see (and not only) thickets of wild raspberries and blackberries, strawberry fields, mushroom edges. From the top of the mountain there is a view of the Gorgany mountain range, the mountains of Sinyak, Khomyak, Dovbushanka, the Small Gorgan, and far away are Goverla and Sivulya. But it’s best to see it with your own eyes, breathe in the mountain air and enjoy fragrant wild berries. On the mountain Sinyachka even in summer you can sometimes see snow.