Project Description

Waterfall Gook. Off-road tour

Waterfall Zhenetsky Gook. Off-road tour.

Route length: 56 km Time: 3 hours

Excursion to the Zhenetsky Guk waterfall with a visit to the souvenir and grocery markets with national Hutsul cheeses, blackberry wine, wild honey, as well as souvenirs and products of folk crafts.

Zhenetsky Guk Falls is located on the river. Zhenets, has a height of 15 m, is one of the most picturesque waterfalls of the Carpathians, single-stage waterfall, known for its special loud noise of falling water. The road to the waterfall passes through the village of Mykulychyn and Tatars. It is impossible to go up to the waterfall itself by heavy trucks, the road is open only for passenger cars. All the way around there are magnificent landscapes, a mountain river, beech and fir forest, scenic views.

The waterfall is interesting in the winter, when it freezes with bizarre jets and buzzes under the ice, and in the summer, when you can get close to the water.