What berries are collected in the Carpathians?

Berry season in the Carpathians begins in June and lasts until the first snow. Berries grow in the mountains from the bottom to the very top. Therefore, having arrived in Yaremche in the summer season, be sure to plan a hike for berries. In the hotel “Dovbush” we reveal the secrets of the berry fields and offer a jeep-tour for berries in the mountains. After all, the most delicious berries grow high in the mountains where no regular pedestrian will go.

High in the mountains there are secret glades of blueberries, lingonberries and strawberries, these berries grow high in the mountains. Our guides know the way. But even at the foot of the mountains, near the hiking trails, you can feast on raspberries, which bear fruit from July to September, the wild Carpathian raspberries are very fragrant and sweet, do not deny yourself pleasure. Toward the end of the summer in the Carpathians, the blackberry season begins. Huge blackberry thickets that begin in the foothills and rise high in the mountains are covered with ripe purple berries, the main thing is to dress in such a way that the clothes protect from scratches in dense thickets of blackberry and raspberry.

But the most fragrant berry in the Carpathians is strawberries. Low bushes make you lean and look under your feet, so as not to step on the flowers or berries, but this work is worth the result. The fabulous aroma and sweetness of wild Carpathian strawberry cannot be compared with anything else. Do you want to go on a jeep to secret strawberry glades in the mountains? Come relax in the hotel “Dovbush” in Yaremche and you will learn all the secrets of the Carpathian berries.