Project Description

Rocks Dovbush

Rocks Dovbush. Pedestrian route.

Route length: 15 km Time: 4.5 hours

The route to Dovbush Rocks, where the famous “Ukrainian Robin Hood” met with his oprists and even hid a huge treasure somewhere, passes through the forest. This is not only a landscape monument of nature, but also a place of the ancient city of the Slavs. The altitude difference on the route is 165 meters. Primordial forest, majestic beeches, on the huge rocks. This is one of the most powerful places of the Force in all the Carpathians.

The concentration of power Dovbush. According to the legend, Dovbush took one of the rocks, which Dovbush Stone then called and threw the gentlemen to the palace, and then left it as a warning to the oppressors of the people. At Dovbush Rocks is always much cooler than in Yaremche. Be sure to keep this in mind when dressing in a tour. There are route options for hiking with children.